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The Challenge


1,300 miles, 6 countries, 24 days, 3 friends, accompanied by one converted hearse.



We are Jack, Archie and Freddie, and together we are cycling from Rome to Winchester for The Brain Research Trust



About us and our trip:
























Here is a cheeky interview we recently had with  BBC Radio Cornwall..





















An awesome tribute to Jack's Brother-in-law:






















Why are we doing this Amazing Cycle?


Over the summer of 2012, Jack's brother-in-law suffered a serious brain trauma competing in a local triathlon after being hit by a van. He was in a coma for 2 months and has not fully recovered. He is now back at home with full-time carerers.

For Freddie, it was his very close Uncle who died of a brain tumour after a long struggle, which also shook their entire family.

And as for Archie, well he has been fortunate enough not to have had a close freind or family member suffer from anything like this. But he knows how amazing The Brain Research Trust is and is raring to go.

The sole purpose of our challenge is to raise money for, and the profile of, the Brain Research Trust which funds research into an area of medicine we can all relate to. We all know of someone who has suffered some sort of brain condition whether it is a form of Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, a trauma, a tumour, MS or any of the many other conditions which cripple people’s lives.






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