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Day by Day Guide

Here is our day-by-day route we will be cycling and where we will be staying each night. The pictures are places we will either be passing or staying at along the way. Some of the scenery looks AMAZING! Part of our route was chosen due the views and monuments along the way, adding to the beauty of this journey.

Day 1 | Rome -  Capodimonte

60 Miles

Starting in Rome we head off on our first day of cycling! A good flat day to get us into the groove of things. Passing some beautiful lakes and ending at Lake Bolsena!


Day 2 |  Capodimonte - Siena

75 Miles

On to Siena we go, getting our first taste of the mountains to come


Day 3 | Siena -  Fucecchio

50 Miles

Should be getting into the cycling mode by now as we head along part of the Fiume Else river and on to Fucecchio


Day 4 |  Fucecchio - Sarzana

60 Miles

Hopefully a nice day of cycling here making our way to Sarzana before our first proper hilly test!

Day 5 | Sarzana -  Fonovo di Taro

55 Miles

As we make our way to Fornovo we get the first feel of the Italian terrain with some climbs and a big swich backs!


Day 6 |  Fornovo di Taro -  Piacenza

50 Miles

As we move out of the mountains we begin our move towards Milan, and the first major city.


Day 7 | Piacenza - Milan

50 Miles

Our last stretch before we head into Milan along some lovely flat roads and a good day's cycling.


Day 8 |  Milan - Lugano

50 Miles

Leaving Milan and we also leave Italy! We now head for beautiful Lake Lugano and the final night before the assent into the Alps!


Day 9 | Lugano - Biasca

30 Miles

Leaving the beauty of Lake Lugano we move into the Swiss Alps for some serious stuff.


Day 10 |  Biasca -  Andermatt

35 Miles

Onto our second day in the Alps, we leave behind the flats of Biasca and take on the biggest climbs we will do (pictured). It's going to be hard, but we are hard men!

Day 11 | Andermatt -  Luzern

55 Miles

Leaving the skiing town of Andermatt, we move on in our adventure!


Day 12 |  Luzern - Basel

61 Miles

After our ferry ride in Luzern, we leave the Alps behind!!! Back to some flat land cycling at last!

Day 13 | Basel -  Strasbourg

81 Miles

We say farewell to Switzerland and bonjour to France! Should be a stunning day's cycling all along the River Rhein to Strasbourg. Definitely a good break from the hills of the Swiss Alps and something I'm sure we will apprecaite.


Day 14 |  Strasbourg -  Sarrebourg

52 Miles

Sad to leave the beautiful city of Strasbourg but looking forward to the next leg of our journey. None of us know much about Sarrebourg but we are excited to find out.


Day 15 | Sarrebourg - Metz

90 Miles

Leaving Sarrebourg we head to the famous steel works town of Metz. We will start to encouter some buisier roads.


Day 16 |  Metz - Luxembourg

32 Miles

Back to some steep hills. We will be camping up in the hills and there will no doubt be some incredible views.

Day 17 | Luxembourg - Mouzon

51 Miles

Well from just looking at google images, it looks as though we come out of the hills and get on to some flatter roads as we head to Mouzon.

Day 18 |  Mouzon - Hirson

92 Miles

We are now very much on the flat again and following rivers through into Hirson.


Day 19 | Hirson - Vieux Condé

56 Miles

Well I want to see this weird church and the only way to do so is to cycle there...


Day 20 |  Vieux Condé - Armentiere 

40 Miles

One step closer to home! We are now in the territory where a lot of WW1 battle fields are. We will surely be cycling past a lot of moving memorials.

Day 21 | Armentiere - Calais

40 Miles

Our last leg in mainland Europe!! We are expecting busy roads along this leg of the journey. What a way to end our mainland Europe tour with a campsite on the coast.

Day 22 |  Calais (Eurostar - Folkstone) and on to Crawley

73 Miles

England, happy to see you (even if it is Crawley/Gatwick airport)! Fair old leg into England, we will be very tired at the end of the day...probably won't be able to sleep because of the planes though!

Day 23 | Crawley - Winchester

66 Miles

Home sweet home. This is the end of our epic Rome2Home journey. We will get into Arichie's house, tired and sore!

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