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Cornwall Training Block

Last weekend we were all down at Jack’s house for a group planning and training session. Let’s just say the Cornish hills made it pretty brutal!

Rather crazily Archie had actually cycled down to Jack’s. Nearly a 240 mile trip from Andover to Truro! He did admit later that it was a silly idea in hindsight. He had only got off the plane from Australia two days before. But the extra miles in the legs will definitely help when the going gets tough. Probably somewhere in the Alps....

We trained hard every day for 4 night stay down there which was really good. The toughest ride has to be the 20 miles to Caerhays beach and back. There was an absolutely savage hill to get back up from the beach. All of us were blowing pretty heavily afterwards.

Jack has been doing fantastic work with the hearse, fitting speaker systems and the like, as well as sorting out the interior. He has also given her a rather fetching paint job, but don’t worry it still looks very much like a hearse! The only “minor” problem we had was when the fuel transmission fluid pipe burst on our first test drive. :( Quite a lot of red sticky liquid spilled everywhere! Initial thoughts were that we had bought more than we had bargained for from the funeral directors. Thankfully we were proved wrong......

We are all getting really excited now about the approaching challenge!

Only 14 days till we start cycling....

Archie, Fred, Jack

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