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Hearse Exploits

Having recently been slightly worried about the chances of our trusty hearse making it over the Alps, steep ascents and hairpin bends are not the best friends of a modified 1989 Ford Grenada, we are pleased to announce she has been passing all tests with flying colours.

Jack successfully drove her 400 miles from near Truro to the New Forest as a test drive. Thankfully all went smoothly. Jack suffered the most, as the poor old girl can only shift at 60 mph (at 65mph things start to sound a bit dodgy!) which meant he was sat for rather a long time on the A303. Lucky she has a fancy speaker system installed, sub-woofer and all, to keep us entertained.

In a bizarre turn of events, she was also entered into a vintage car show down in Cornwall. She proudly took her place alongside original Bond cars. Genuinely! All pretty exciting. By all accounts she held her own.........

Even more bonkers, the Bishop of St. Germans blessed her with the righteous words "May you be a place of safety, security and reliability.” Notice the Cornwall theme to all these slightly odd exploits..... No more needs to be said....

Archie, Fred and Jack

NB: All of the above is completely true

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