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Training is well underway!

Apologies for the rather barren run of posts recently. I guess we were waiting for a more interesting topic to write about other than lots of planning! Also we have all been rather busy as of late which hasn't helped.

Most of the planning has been taking place at odd hours, reason being that we all seem to be in different parts of the world so a late night or early mooring Facebook/Skype conversations are the only option. At one point Jack was in America, Fred in Thailand and Archie in Australia! Too many timezones!! It was a miracle we ever managed to get online all at the same time!

Anyway, the more interesting news is that training has stated in earnest! With 45 days before we leave the UK it seemed rather impotent that we started to make some serious inroads.

Jack wins the prize for most bonkers training method so far. He genuinely set up his rollers (almost like a tread mill for a bike for those not in the know) on the side of an indoor swimming pool in an attempt to replicate some heat and humidity! Serious commitment too, given that he started that training session at 6am!

Archie has been attracting some rather weird looks in hostels all round Australia. Walking into a 10 man dorm (only $15 a night - bargain!) as a sweaty mess after the latest in a series of runs does not give the best impression to you fellow dorm buddies!

While up in Cairns, North Australia, Archie's visit luckily coincided with the annual Ironman event which was taking place. It was pretty inspiring stuff to watch, especially at the finish where guys were literally collapsing over the line and being taken off by wheelchairs. An awesome sight to really see people leave absolutely everything on the road. It was also a great chance to gawp at all the incredibly expensive bikes on show!

Fred has assured us that his training has started! Contact with him has been a bit difficult as he tries his best to find reliable internet connection as he backpacks around South-East Asia. He is a bit of fitness machine anyway so we are sure he will be fine.

We are all soon to be returning back to the UK. Though the thought of a large training block awaiting us does make the thought of coming home a bit less appealing! But we are all looking forward to really getting our teeth into the training, so we will all be able to smash this challenge!!

Keep spreading the word!

Archie, Fred and Jack

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